2019 Kidding Schedule

If there’s a particular pairing you’re interested in let me know! Reservations are $50 (non-refundable). See my sales policy for more info on reservations. Feel free to mail me with any questions at crazychickfarms@gmail.com. I am happy to take your name for a waiting list on any of my does, but paid reservations will be filled first.

I reserve the right to retain any kid born for my own breeding program, ahead of any reservations made.

Clicking on each name will take you to the individual goat’s pages, and the planned pedigree for each breeding is listed as a link for reference..

Click on the pictures to see individual pages.

2019 Kidding Schedule


Cabrandywinfarms B Silverbirch
Valley's Edge FC Fruit Loop 
Birch x Moose Planned PedigreeKidded Jan 13th with twin bucks.

L2 - Wether, Chamoisee with blue eyes -Sold

L3 - Wether, Black with random white and moonspots - Sold
LD Ranch AR Rosemary
Dills ROR River Styx
Rosie x River Planned PedigreeKidded Jan 12 with a single buck.

L1 - Wether, Swiss marked - Sold
Dreahook E Kasseri
Tres Rios SW Eros *B
Kasseri x Eros Planned PedigreeKidded 1/23
2 Does, both DOA
PaxsonKDZ Sweet Swingin Honey
PaxsonKDZ MT Black Tie Event
Duchess x Ty Planned PedigreeKidded 2/17 with quints, 4 does, 1 buck. 3 does were DOA

L4 -Buck, gold with white - retained

L5 - Doe, Solid buckskin - Retained
LD Ranch PC Lemondrop
Flat Rock`s FitzChivalry
Lemondrop x Fitz Planned PedigreeKidded Feb. 13th with buck/doe twins

L6 -Buck, Cou clair with white, blue eyes - Retained

L7 - Doe, Cou Clair with random white - Sold
Blue Cactus CH Tintaglia - @ 11 weeks
Valleys-Edge JJ GoldenRod
Tin x G-Rod Planned PedigreeKidded March 6th with a single doe

L8 - Doe, Black with random white and moonspots, blue eyes, polled. Retained
Greyn Acres Hearts on Fire
Valleys-Edge JJ GoldenRod
Lovey x G-Rod Planned PedigreeKidded March 9 with a single doe

L11 - Doe, Gold with random white - Retained
DesertNanny VE Pretty Lil' Thing
Dills ROR River Styx
Lil x River Planned PedigreeKidded 3/7 with Twin Does -

L9 - Doe, Black with extensive white and roaning - Sold
L10 - Doe, Light Buckskin - Retained
Camanna JGH Stella D`Oro
Tres Rios SW Eros *B
Stella x Eros Planned PedigreeKidded 3/17 with 3 does, 1 buck

L12 - Doe, Black and white - Sold

L13 - Wether, Gold and white - Sold, Pending Pickup

L14 - Doe, Black and white - Retained

L15 - Doe, Chocolate gold - Retained
Flat Rock's Princess Luna
Flat Rock`s FitzChivalry
Luna x Fitz Planned PedigreeKidded 3/17 with 3 does, 1 buck

L16 - Doe, Cou clair with white - Sold

L17 - Wether, Buckskin with extensive white - Sold

L18 - Doe, Buckskin with extensive white - Sold

L19 - Doe, Black with white face - Sold
River-Edge FJ Orange Blossom
Camanna AA Once in A Blue Moon
Blossom x Blue Planned PedigreeKidded 3/20 with 2 bucks

L20 - Wether, Gold and white - Sold, pending pick up

L21 - Wether, Gold with white poll - Sold
DesertNanny LD Sweet Leilani
Tres Rios SW Eros *B
Leilani x Eros Planned PedigreeKidded 3/22 with 2 does, 1 buck

L22 - Doe, chocolate buckskin with blue eyes - Sold

L23 - Wether, Solid buckskin - Sold

L24 - Doe, Chocolate with white belt and blue eyes - Retained
Dills ROR Miss Me
Valley's Edge FC Fruit Loop 
Missy x Moose Planned PedigreeKidded 3/31 with triplets, 1 doe, 2 bucks

L25 - Doe, Chamoisee, Retained

L26 - Wether, Chamois w/white - Sold

L27 - Wether, Chamois w/white - Sold

*Prices of kids are subject to change once they are born, listed prices will be honored on paid reservations only.*

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