2021 Kidding Schedule

  • If you’re interested in reserving a kid from a particular doe, please contact me to be added to the free reservation list.
  • Once a reserved kid is born, half the purchase price is due as a non-refundable deposit within 5 days of notification.
  • All non-reserved kids will be sold on a first come, first served basis.
  • Wethers cannot be reserved based on color.
  • Please make sure to read my Sales Policy before placing a reservation.
  • We will be breeding to kid January-March.
  • Kid prices are $175 for wethers (or 2 for $300), and $400 and up for registered breeding stock.
  • Feel free to email me with any questions at crazychickfarms@gmail.com or from my Contact Page.

If you are a 4-H or FFA member, or participate in ADGA open shows or ADGA performance programs, I do offer special consideration on pricing (breeding stock only, does not apply to wethers). Please contact me for more info, proof of participation will be required.

I reserve the right to retain any kid born for my own breeding program, ahead of any reservations made. I also reserve the right to cancel any sale, at any time, for any reason. These planned pairings are subject to change at any time.

Clicking on each name will take you to the individual goat’s pages.
The planned pedigree for each breeding is listed as a link for reference.

DoeBuckPlanned PedigreeDue DateNotes
LD Ranch PC Lemondrop 3*MCamanna AA Once in a Blue MoonBlue x Lem1/15/20213rd freshening, Blue eyes and moon spots possible
Blue Cactus Sweet SintaraCamanna AA Once in a Blue MoonBlue x Tara1/17/20212nd freshening, Polled, blue eyes, and moon spots possible. 1st doe reserved.
Castle Rock ZAP XebraCamanna AA Once in a Blue MoonBlue x Xebra1/17/20212nd freshening. Blue eyes and moonspots possible
Tres Rios Lily of the ValleyFlying Feets A Sterling SkyeSterling x Val1/17/20212nd freshening, blue eyes and silver possible.
Urban Acres ASD Oreo 1*MCamanna AA Once in a Blue MoonBlue x Oreo1/17/20215th freshening. Blue eyes and moonspots possible. Doe reservations closed.
Greyn Acres Hearts on Fire 1*MRedstone Joyride Bellator *BBellator x Lovey2/7/20203rd freshening
SG Camanna JGH Stella D’Oro 1*M Redstone Joyride Bellator *BBellator x Stella3rd freshening. Doe reservations closed.
CrazyChick Farm BTE Wild HoneyTres Rios SW Eros *BEros x Honey2nd freshening
CrazyChick Farm Denim &LaceDill’s ROR River StyxRiver x Lacy2nd freshening
CrazyChick Farm E Lady LucillePaxzonKDZ MT Black Tie EventTy x Lucy2nd freshening
CrazyChick Farm E VenusPaxzonKDZ MT Black Tie EventTy x Venus2nd freshening
CrazyChick Farm SS EspritFlat Rock’s FitzChivalryFitz x Esprit1st freshening, blue eyes possible
CrazyChick Farm SS KalaniCrazyChick Farm BTE Sunny BoySunny x Kalani1st freshening
CrazyChick Farm SS SilvermistPaxzonKDZ MT Black Tie EventTy x Silvie1st freshening, silver and blue eyes possible.
CrazyChick Farm Styx IvriaFlying Feets A Sterling SkyeSterling x Ivy1st freshening, polled, silver, blue eyes possible
DesertNanny LD Sweet LeilaniRedstone Joyride Bellator *BBellator x Leilani3rd freshening, 1st doe retained. Blue eyes possible
Dog Island Cherry BombDill’s ROR River StyxRiver x Cherry2nd freshening. 1st doe retained.
Dog Island Firestorm 3*M ARRedstone Joyride Bellator *BBellator x Stormy4th freshening. 1st doe retained.
Dreahook E Kasseri 1*MFlat Rock’s FitzChivalryFitz x Kasseri3rd Freshening. 1st doe retained
Flat Rock’s Princess LunaFlat Rock’s FitzChivalryFitz x Luna3rd Freshening, 1st doe retained.
Goat Addiction Super NovaRedstone Joyride Bellator *BBellator x Nova2nd Freshening
Goat Addiction Twirk it GirlDill’s ROR River StyxRiver x Twirky2nd Freshening. 1st doe retained.
LD Ranch AR Rosemary 7*MRedstone Joyride Bellator *BBellator x Rosemary3rd Freshening. 1st doe retained.
PaxsonKDZ Sweet Swingin Honey 1*MFlying Feets A Sterling SkyeSterling x Duchess4th freshening.
Silver, blue eyes possible.
Doe Reservations Closed
Tres Rios 24 Karat GoldTres Rios SW Eros *BEros x Keke2nd freshening. 1st doe retained
Werbelow’s Make You BlushTres Rios SW Eros *BEros x Blush2nd freshening. 1st doe retained