2022 Kidding Schedule

  • If you’re interested in reserving a kid from a particular doe, please contact me to be added to the free reservation list.
  • Once a reserved kid is born, half the purchase price is due as a non-refundable deposit within 5 days of notification.
  • All non-reserved kids will be sold on a first come, first served basis.
  • Wethers cannot be reserved based on eye and/or coat color.
  • Please make sure to read my Sales Policy before placing a reservation.
  • We will be breeding to kid January-April.
  • Kid prices are $200 for wethers (or 2 for $350), and $500 and up for registered breeding stock, which will include registration.
  • Feel free to email me with any questions at crazychickfarms@gmail.com or from my Contact Page.

I reserve the right to retain any kid born for my own breeding program, ahead of any reservations made. I also reserve the right to cancel any sale, at any time, for any reason. These planned pairings are subject to change at any time.

DoeBuckDate ExposedDate DuePlanned PedigreeNotes
Miniprints MoonbeamRedstone Joyride Bellator
CrazyChick Farm Fitz’s Paragon
8/23/20211/15/2022Bellator x MoonbeamRicky x MoonbeamDNA TBD
CrazyChick Farm OBM BeamerPaxsonKDZ MT Black Tie Event8/24/20211/16/2022Ty x Beamer
CrazyChick Farm SS EspritCamanna AA Once in a Blue Moon8/30/20211/22/2022Blue x Esprit
Greyn Acres Hearts on Fire 4*M VEVV 89 Tres Rios SW Eros *B 8/31/20211/23/2022Eros x Lovey
Flat Rock’s Princess LunaCamanna AA Once in a Blue Moon9/8/20211/31/2022Blue x Luna
Crazy Chick Farm Blue GalaxyTres Rios SW Eros *B 9/8/20211/31/2022Eros x Lexy
PaxsonKDZ DOH AcapellaPaxsonKDZ MT Black Tie Event10/9/20213/3/2022Ty x Tink
SG Camanna JGH Stella D’Oro 1*M V+VV 87Tres Rios SW Eros *B10/10/20213/4/2022Eros x Stella
Dog Island Cherry BombCrazyChick Farm Bel Kaladin10/12/20213/6/2022Kal x Cherry
Urban Acres ASD Oreo 3*M VEEV 89Redstone Joyride Bellator *B10/12/20213/6/2022Bellator x Oreo
Angle Acres H Butterfly KissesRockin-CB KVO Malachi *BMalachi x KissesLaMancha
Starlet-Lace Firework MilaStarlet-Lace Doc Klockwork *BKlockwork x MilaLaMancha
CrazyChick Farm BTE Siren SongCrazyChick Farm SS VermeilRemi x Gigi
CrazyChick Farm BTE Wild Honey VVEE 88Algedi Farm DJ Encore +*B (AI) Encore x HoneyAll retained
CrazyChick Farm E VenusCrazyChick Farm Bel KaladinKal x Venus
CrazyChick Farm SS Silvermist V++V 84CrazyChick Farm Fitz’s ParagonRicky x Silvie
Curbstone Valley AA CallistoCrazyChick Farm S Whiskey BentWhiskey x Callisto
Dog Island Firestorm 3*MTres Rios SW Eros *BEros x Cookie
Dog Island KamikazeRedstone Joyride Bellator *BBellator x Kami
Dreahook E Kasseri 1*M VVEE 88Tres Rios SW Eros *BEros x Kassi
Goat Addiction Black BacarraCrazyChick Farm Bel KaladinKal x Becky
Goat Addiction Super Nova VEVV 88PaxsonKDZ MT Black Tie EventTy x Nova
Goat Addiction Twirk It Girl VEVV 87Camanna AA Once in a Blue MoonBlue x TwirkyDoe: MC
LD Ranch AR Rosemary 7*M EEEV 90Redstone Joyride Bellator *BBellator x Rosie
Werbelow’s Make You Blush 1*M  VEEE 90Redstone Joyride Bellator *BBellator x Blush