Welcome to Crazy Chick Farms – Nigerian Dwarf and LaMancha Dairy Goats 


     We are located on several acres in the sunny central valley of northern California.  The focus of our breeding program is on the improvement of the Nigerian Dwarf and LaMancha dairy goat breeds in both dairy conformation and milking performance. We have fallen in love with these sweet and personable goats! 


     My name is Niki Davis and I am the primary owner and caretaker of the herd. My mom introduced our family to the Nigerian Dwarf goat over a decade ago when she had her own milk herd.  When we purchased the family farm in 2018, we decided it was the perfect time to start our own herd!


     My youngest daughter, Andrea, is involved in FFA and 4-H, showing both dairy goats and market swine, as well as participating in Veterinary Science projects. She discovered the LaMancha breed through her participation in 4-H and is the reason we added them to our herd.


     My older daughter, Kylie, loves playing with and caring for the goats.  She has also started her own soap company with hand made soap made from our goats milk! You can find these soaps at www.udderlysoaps.com


     My husband Phil and I have been married for 19 years and he is very supportive of his “Crazy Chick’s” goat addiction. He enjoys working on various projects around the farm, as well as spoiling his favorite doe Luna.


     All of our goats are tested for CL/CAE/Johne’s semi-annually. Tests are done by our veterinarian through CAHFS at UC Davis.


     My herd is enrolled in ADGA Plus, which includes Linear Appraisal and DHIR production testing, so I can measure and track conformation, production, and improvement in my herd’s progeny. All of our goats are registered through ADGA.


Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram, I look forward to sharing our herd’s future with you!