SG Camanna JGH Stella D’Oro 1*M

VVV+ 85 @ 01-02


Barn Name: Stella
DOB: 3/24/18
Color: Gold with minimal white
Horns: Disbudded
Height: LA Stature 23 (20.5″)
Registration: ADGA 

Linear History:
2019: VVV+85 @ 01-02

Kidding History:
2019: Quads, 3 does, 1 buck
2020: Triplets, 2 does, 1 buck
2021: Triplets, 2 bucks, 1 doe

Retained Progeny:
2021 – CrazyChick Farm Bella Salieri


Sire: Camanna AH Jonquil Gold Heart
SS: Alethia ET Heartbreaker
SD: The Solway Farm Marigold

Dam:  CH Old Mountain Farm BrownI’DSuzn FS90 (VEEE) @ 07-03
DS: Old Mountain Farm Obsidian *B
DD: Fairlea Flower Power 4*M FS88 (+EEE) @ 08-04


Old Mountain Farm BrownI’dSuzN – at the 2018 Northwest Oregon Dairy Goat Association Annual Show, achieving her last permanent champion leg by winning not only Grand Champion but also Best of Breed and Best Udder in both rings, at 10 years old! (Photo courtesy of Anna Brown @ Camanna’s Petite Paradise)
The Solway Farm Marigold
Sire’s Dam – Photo courtesy of Anna Brown at Camanna’s Petite Paradise