DesertNanny VE Pretty Lil’ Thing

Barn Name: Lil
DOB: 4/2/2018
Color: Light buckskin w/blue eyes
Horns: Disbudded
Registration: ADGA 

Lil is a sweet little doe, who came to me as a bottle baby from DesertNanny Nigerians.  She is an in-your-pocket doeling who loves to sneak out to help at chore time, and is first in line to hop on the milk stand.

Kidding History:
2019 – Twin Does

Sire:  DesertNanny LD Vernal Equinox *B *S
SS: DesertNanny BBB Luck Dragon *B *S
SD: GCH DesertNanny BF SunSprite 3*M AR 3*D FS EEEE91

Dam: DesertNanny XO Charlotte Russe
DS: DesertNanny AB Napoleon XO
DD: DesertNanny Icy BlueTailFly 3*D 3*M VEEV 88