For Sale/New Arrivals

Please click on each animal’s name to visit their individual pages or pedigrees.

Does for Sale:

Oak Apple Miyu – $400
Sire: Oak Apple Presto
SS: Proctor Hill Farm To Go Daddy EEE 92
SD: SG Old Mountain Farm Fast Tempo EVEV 90
Dam: SG Old Mountain Farm Mizuki 4*M VVEE 90
DS: Old Mountain Farm Hakama *B
DD: SG NC Promisedland Palita E90

Miyu is a 3 year old first freshener, very friendly and an easy keeper. She carried and delivered triplets with ease and is doing well on milk test. You can find more information on her page if you click on her name above.

PaxsonKDZ Sweet Swingin Honey (aka Duchess) 1*M VEEV 87 $700.00
Sire: GCH Algedi Farm DJ Drops of Honey +*B

SS: GCH Algedi Farm Drops of Jupiter EEE 91 ++*B
SD: SGCH Rosasharn’s UMT Tupelo Honey 4*M EEEE 91
Dam: Poppy Patch HB Sally Swing VEEE 90 
DS: Algedi Farm MB Honeymoon Bay ++*B
DD: CH Poppy Patch FM Betty Boop

Duchess is a 4 year old 3rd freshener. She is not particularly friendly, but knows her job and loves her treats. She is milk stand trained and is good with both hand and machine milking. I’ve kept a daughter and son from her, and am needing to cut numbers. I will not be sad if she doesn’t sell 🙂

PaxsonKDZ Sweet Honey Storm – Available unregistered for $200.00
Stormy is a dry two year old. She is being offered unregistered because she didn’t settle for me last year. She cycled and stood for a buck but never freshened. She was also dam raised and her dam never completely weaned her so she still nurses and is over conditioned (which may contribute to her not settling). She is a friendly and sweet girl, and papers would be available for an additional fee if her new owner is able to freshen her and wanted to register the kids. Click on her name above to see her pedigree.

Bucks for Sale:

Flat Rock’s FitzChivalry $500
2 years old. He is a wonderful and friendly buck, shipped here from Flat Rock Farm in Texas as a baby. He is not getting used enough in my breeding program for me to justify keeping him.
Sire: Flat Rock’s Elevation
SS: Flat Rocks Dobby
SD: Dancing Dog Stella
Dam: Flat Rock’s Bellatrix
DS: Flat Rock’s OhCaptainMyCaptain
DD: Flat Rock’s Luna Lovegood 

Valley’s-Edge FC Fruit Loop $600
2 year old, Moonspots. Flown in from Maine as a kid, Moose is a beautiful boy! As my breeding program narrows and becomes more focused he is getting less use.

Sire: Valley’s-Edge Fruit Cake
SS: Valley’s-Edge American Graffiti
SD: CH Second Wind Banana Fritter VVEE 89
Dam: CH Humble Acres Teakwood VEVV 89
DS: AGS Humble Acres A Atreus
DD: Kyeema Ridge Jenolan

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to get on the reservation list for kids next spring.
The 2020/2021 breeding schedule will be posted in June.

I can be reached via Facebook Messenger (bottom right corner)
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