Winter/Spring 2020 Kidding Schedule

If you’re interested in kids from a particular doe, let me know! I keep both a reservation list and waiting list for each doe. Reservations are a non-refundable $50 deposit. The waiting list is free, but paid reservations are filled first. Feel free to email me with any questions at or from my Contact Page. Please make sure to read my Sales Policy for more information.

Breeding plans are tentative until a doe is settled, the list below is subject to change at any time. We will be breeding to kid January-April.

I reserve the right to retain any kid born for my own breeding program, ahead of any reservations made. I also reserve the right to cancel any sale, at any time, for any reason.

Clicking on each name will take you to the individual goat’s pages, and the planned pedigree for each breeding is listed as a link for reference.

Pricing is subject to change once kids are born and evaluated. Prices listed will be honored on paid reservations only.

DoeBuckPlanned PedigreeDue DateKid PriceCommentsReservations
Blue Cactus CH TintagliaDill’s ROR River StyxTin x River1/11/2020$600.00Tin is a conformationally gorgeous doe, and I am anxiously awaiting her 2nd freshening udder. Polled, moonspots possible
Greyn Acres Hearts on Fire Dill’s ROR River Styx Lovey x River 1/30/2020$600.00
Camanna JGH Stella d’Oro PaxsonKDZ MT Black Tie Event Stella x Ty 2/7/2020 Very excited for this breeding, First doe reserved, all other kids likely retained.Doe: ND
Dill’s ROR Miss Me Flying Feets A Sterling Skye Missy x Sterling 2/7/2020 $600.00Silver coat & blue eyes possible
Oak Apple Miyu PaxsonKDZ MT Black Tie Event Miyu x Ty 2/7/2020$500.00
Miniprints Moonbeam Camanna AA OnceInABlueMoon Moony x Blue 2/19/2020$500.00Blue eyes & moonspots possible
Tres Rios Lily of the ValleyTres Rios SW Eros *B Val x Eros 2/23/2020$500.00This is a solid line breeding on Algedi Farm JD Shotgun Wedding.
CrazyChick Farm BTE Wild Honey ??DNA2/24/2020TBDHoney snuck into the buck pen. Kids will likely be sold as unregistered pets.
Desertnanny VE PrettyLilThing DesertNanny VR Lil’Buckaroo Lil x Buckaroo 2/24/2020$500Blue eyes likely
Dreahook CB BriePaxsonKDZ MT Black Tie Event Brie x Ty 2/24/2020$500
LD Ranch PC Lemondrop Dill’s ROR River Styx Lem x River 2/24/2020$600This should be a very milky combination. Lemondrop has the easiest to milk teats in my herd to date and her capacity should be superb for her second freshening. Blue eyes possible
Castle Rock ZAP Xebra Redstone Feel Like A Stranger Xebra x Stranger2/25/2020Likely all does will be retained.
Goat Addiction Twirk It Girl Dill’s ROR River Styx Twirky x River 2/25/2020$500.00Exciting combination of Dill’s and Old Mountain Farm genetics. Can’t wait to see how Twirky freshens. Moonspots possible
Urban Acres ASD OreoFlying Feets A Sterling SkyeOreo x Sterling2/25/2020$700.00Light line breeding on Rosasharn’s TL Zenith. 1st choice doeling will be retained. Blue eyes likely, silver coat possible
Blue Cactus CH Sweet Sintara DesertNanny VR Lil’Buckaroo Sintara & Buckaroo $500.00 Polled, moonspots, and blue eyes possible
CrazyChick Farm FL Denim&LaceDill’s ROR River StyxLacy x River$500.00
DesertNanny LD Sweet LeilaniRedstone Feel Like A StrangerLeilani x Stranger$600.00Blue eyes possible
Dreahook E KasseriFlying Feets A Sterling SkyeKassi x Sterling$650.00Silver coat & blue eyes possible
Flat Rock’s Princess LunaRedstone Feel Like A StrangerLuna x Stranger$500.00
Goat Addiction SupernovaValley’s-Edge FC Fruit LoopNova x Moose$500.00Moonspots possible
Goat Addiction WOF KahluaValley’s-Edge FC Fruit LoopKahlua x Moose$500.00Moonspots possible
LD Ranch AR Rosemary DesertNanny VR Lil’BuckarooRosie x Buckaroo$600.00Blue eyes possible
Little Prairie MT GenevaCamanna AA OnceInABlueMoonEva x Blue$500.00Blue eyes & moonspots possible
PaxsonKDZ LB Sweet Honey StormValley’s-Edge FC Fruit LoopStormy x Moose$500.00Moonspots possible
PaxsonKDZ Sweet Swingin Honey Redstone Feel Like A StrangerDuchess x Stranger$700.00
Tres Rios 24 Karat GoldPaxsonKDZ MT Black Tie EventKeke x Ty$500.00
Werbelow’s Make you BlushTres Rios SW Eros *BBlush x Eros$500.00
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